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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ken Lee: Mariah Carey's Newest Single c/o Valentina Hasan

It seems like the show Music Idol is not only after of searching the best singer in Bulgaria but also, of producing a new singing comedy queen for the Bulgarians.

Valentina Hasan, a 29-year old Bulgarian woman took advantage of joining the second season of bTV’s Music Idol. During the audition, she attempted to sing a Mariah Carey song which she personally called “Ken Lee”. A lady judge corrected her and suggested that maybe the song is entitled “Without You”. But then, she insisted that the correct one is “Ken Lee”. And so, on that moment, a new Mariah Carey song was born…c/o herself, Valentina Hasan (haha.).

The birth of the new song was also the birth of a new language which was being incorporated on the song’s lyrics. Do you know the meaning of tulibu dibu douchoo? If you know, you’re a certified polyglot. Never get confused about this language, because it is also called English.

“Ken Lee” has become a major-yet-unofficial hit. Millions of people have already witnessed the performance of Valentina Hasan on YouTube. Maybe you’re the only one who hasn’t watched. The video is just found above. Play it!

Note: When you view the video, just think only one thing: that it is made for fun. Okay?

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Anonymous said...

Valentina Hasan isn't actually a bulgarian woman.She's turkish :) , Hasan is muslum name.