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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Miss Universe 2007's Miss Slip-&-Fall

Miss USA Rachel Smith's Fall (with repetitions)

Another featured YouTube video clip today is about Rachel Renee Smith’s misfortune. Oh yeah, I know you barely know this lady so, I’ll be introducing her to you first.

Rachel Smith is a beauty queen who was crowned as Miss USA 2007. As a winner of the said pageant, she became the immediate candidate to represent the United States for the Miss Universe 2007 to be held in Mexico City, Mexico. Together with the other seventy-six women, Rachel did her ultimate best to be crowned as the successor of Miss Universe 2006 Zuleyka Rivera of Puerto Rico. She made it to the top five and at the end of the show, placed fourth runner-up.

Smith’s struggle towards success was never easy. Rachel had experienced a lot of totally embarrassing moments…

During the pageant’s national costume competition, she was heavily booed by the Mexicans. The reason is most likely political. She was also booed during the pageant night’s Q & A portion. This time, two probable reasons arose—first, political and second, the fact that Mexico’s candidate did not make it to the top five while USA’s Smith did.

Nonetheless, the most embarrassing moment she’d ever felt was her fall during the evening gown competition. When I say fall, it means the literal one.

The video clip above shows how Rachel slipped, fell and hit her ass on the stage. You may laugh if you want. Not that as she fell, she managed to sit with a straight back. That’s 90˚!! Perfect letter “L”! Good job! :)

After that, she instantly got back on her feet, posed and grinned like nothing serious happened. With all determination, she finished her walk and scored 8.754.

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