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Sunday, April 6, 2008

First Day in a City Called Baguio

Hey, it’s done! I finally made the second album and I decided to call it “First Day in a City Called Baguio”. The included photos are those when we were having a good time at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA), found somewhere in a place called Fort Gregorio del Pilar (I’m not sure about this…). It also includes photos of me and Harry Mercurio inside the Teacher’s Camp sitting on a bench while waiting for those who “abandoned” us (eg. Eduardo Balaga, Sir Michael Sabaldan, Ana Rose Halili…hehe).

Same as the first album, the slideshow below is not the showcase of the entire number photos. If you want to view all, don’t hesitate to click “view all images”.

You’re gonna love this fo’sho’.

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