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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Various Versions of Gimme More

Gimme More (slightly edited Main Version)

Gimme More (with a bit of mature content)

Gimme More 2nd Version/Music Choice

Directed by the amateur-director-at-that-time Jake Sarfaty, this music video became the impetus of Britney Spears’ attempt to go back to the music industry. Although, reviews are mixed, it definitely supported the single outstandingly, making it rise at #3 in the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks.

“Gimme More” was shot in a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles for two non-consecutive days. The whole concept of the video was purely Spears’. There were several concepts that were taken before the final concept was agreed upon. Some of them were complex and very far from the simple stripper-inspired final idea.

This music video has a number of versions. The streaming video on the extreme top is the main version. The following ones are the others that I found on YouTube. The difference between them is the range of exposure of Britney’s flesh. The main version is a bit wholesome whereas the other versions are more mature almost of Spears’ breasts. Music Choice is the official exhibitor of the more mature Gimme More 2nd Version.

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