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Sunday, April 27, 2008

ContentLink™ Stops Working on My Blogs...Probably

It was last April 18, 2008 when I wrote a blog post airing out my problems about Kontera Technologies’ ContentLink™. ContentLink™ is one of the most famous in-text advertising products on the internet today. It works on your site through generating double-underlined keywords that link to relevant ads, content and information.

On that blog post, I stated my absolute disappointment about the product and Kontera itself. Kontera guarantees its customers that ContentLink™ will be functional 24 hours after its installation on their websites. However, in my case, 48 hours had passed and I still didn’t see any ContentLink™ links on my blog sites. How come?

Three days or 72 hours after the installation, I finally saw a double-underlined keyword. At last, ContentLink™ already works on my sites! But why did it take 72 long hours before it became fully operational? Is 72 hours synonymous to 24 hours? Come on Kontera! When you give sureties, make sure it’s definitely sure.

By the way, before I figured out that my ContentLink™ was already working, I got a comment from an Israeli visitor living in Tel-Aviv. He provided me with a link to Kontera’s “Adding Kontera Ads to Your Blog”. How a bit hilarious… Thanks for the help man, but I’ve been to that page and I didn’t pick anything helpful.

I suspect that that commenter named “Adam” may be an employee of Kontera Technologies, Inc. As you can see, I did my research and I found out that Kontera has an office in Israel, particularly in Herzeliya. Teehee! Maybe they got alarmed when I published that post. It might have caused them to act something about their product’s flaws.

Well, let’s move on…

Since I could see my ContentLink™ works, I decided to forgive and forget Kontera’s broken assurance. But, shortly after six days, I got troubled once again. The new trouble: ContentLink™ links stop showing.

Up to this time, I still don’t see any double-underlined keywords on either of my two blog sites. Recently, my traffic has gone moderately high and it’s a big frustration that ContentLink™ links don’t show up. My chance of earning revenue has been doomed.

There have been a reasonable number of net impressions (the number of pages where Kontera was able to successfully mark a ContentLink™) I got according to the summary of my Kontera account. But, how come I don’t see just a single link? Duh, I am like online all day long and checking my blogs from time to time, you know. Are the reports false?

Kontera and Kontera users! Help me regarding this problem. I’ve been missing my ContentLink™ so much. I want to gain revenue from it again. I need advice. Give me one please…

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