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Saturday, April 26, 2008

My “Irreplaceable” Version Hits Airwaves

I’m not so sure about this but I hope it’s true. You see, I am really a musically inclined person and whenever I’m in the mood, I tend to write songs about myself, my experiences, love and even hate. Some of the songs that I wrote are entitled “A Road To Stardom”, “Jokes Might Hurt Me”, “Picture”, “Gimme Ya Move” and “Discovered”. They all have unique melodies.

However recently, I have been into a different songwriting scheme. I must say my music is heavily influenced by acts such as Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, the Backstreet Boys, Usher among others. I am so engulfed with most of their songs that I came up having a new and probably effective musical idea. That is, recycling their songs through translating them using my mother tongue—the Cebuano language.

The first and so far, the only song that I remade is Beyoncé’s smash hit “Irreplaceable”. The remaking process was fairly tough for the song has rich lyrics. However, I managed to have the finished product just after a couple of hours. I entitled it as “Di Maalisdan (Irreplaceable Cebuano Version)”.

After finishing, I uploaded the song right away on On the first week of its release, it was heavily listened mostly by my classmates and friends (haha!). As of this date, it has gained over 130 listeners. Not bad…But that’s not the climax yet!

Just this day, I received a text message from Theresa Natalie Conde, a high school classmate of mine, regarding my version of “Irreplaceable”. She stated that her brother heard it at a local radio station in Cebu, Philippines. What?!? Like I was so stunned when I knew it. My song was played on the radio?? I can’t believe it! Well, that just means they probably like what I made. I’m so flattered.

Now, it seems like my inspiration in making songs has finally come back. I think I’ll have to finish my new work. It’s called “Wala’y Kinsa”, a remake of Alicia Keys’ “No One”. I’ll also be doing my version of Mariah’s “Touch My Body”. Check them out soon!

If you want to listen to my song “Di Maalisdan (Irreplaceable Cebuano Version)”, I embedded it just above this post.

By the way, allow me to plug my very first music video. It’s my version of Rihanna’s “Umbrella”.

FYI, the Cebuano language is distinct in central and southern Philippines. Actually, it is the most widely spoken language in the country and the #1 major basis of the Filipino language.

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