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Monday, April 7, 2008

The Epilogue Part 2

This is the last one everyone! “The Epilogue Part 2” is the album’s title and it consists of a total of 52 photos. Some of these were taken while we were heading towards the airport. The tall skyscrapers really caught my eye. That’s why you have to expect that this album is more on “architecture appreciation” (haha!).

Well, most of this album’s included photos were taken inside the Manila International Airport (MIA). While we were there, I just noticed a certain thing. The airport’s security was not that strict as that of the Davao International Airport. I’m not saying that MIA’s security personnel don’t do their job well. It’s just that I find it to be very different and strange. Metro Manila is more prone to terrorists’ threat than Davao City I think. So, I was just wondering why the security was like that. That’s all.

Hmmm, I guess this will be the end of sharing to you the Gakusei Jichikai’s Baguio City experience, huh. ‘Til then!

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