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Friday, April 11, 2008

MKD: Its Seal, Philosophy, Vision & Mission


The MKD seal was originally designed by Mr. Ricardo N. Obenza, a member of the MKD Board of Trustees. At the center of the big circle are letters M, K and D inscribed in a Mindanaoan ethnic fashion. The small red circle on the upper right side symbolizes the country of Japan. The year 2001 below is the year of the college's registration to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The characters at the lower section are Kanji characters. These characters are one of the three writing systems currently used in Japan. From left to right, the three groups of kanji are read as follows:

  • Houshi (奉仕)-service
  • Gakusai (学祭)-Experiential learning
  • Shourai (将来)-Future

Those three words imply the aim of the college which is to develop human resources who can address the problems among the Philippines, in Japan and in the ASEAN countries. It will then provide learning opportunities for poor but deserving students and help all other students achieve their dreams.


The college provides whollistic, excellent and quality education to students so they may become persons with ability to face any global problem.


To be the pioneer international college in the Philippines and in Southern Mindanao with state-of-the-art technology that caters not only for the Christians, Muslims, and Lumads but for foreign students as well. The college gives preference to ASEAN students.


The Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku aims to equip its academic community with up-to-date knowledge, research capability, and civic consciousness that will propel them to be the pioneering leaders in their respective work arena.

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