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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Piece Of Me: The Exposed and Unexposed Derrière Versions

Piece Of Me US Version

Piece Of Me US Version (with ass exposure)

Piece Of Me International Version

Piece Of Me International Version (with ass exposure)

Piece Of Me International Version (not yet completely edited)

Wayne Isham directed this paparazzi-themed music video. He had formerly worked with Britney Spears in the video “I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman”, a single from her third album “Britney” and also, in the 2002 international Pepsi commercial campaign.

“Piece Of Me” was rumored to have a budget of about $500,000. If this is true, then it would be Britney’s second most expensive video (“Toxic” comes first.). However, you may agree with me that this buzz is way too unbelievable. I myself, must say that I didn’t see any luxurious stuff in the entire duration of the video.

Just like “Gimme More”, “Piece Of Me” has various versions. The two main versions are the US version and the International Version. They differ at the beginning and some parts towards the end. The International version has an additional scene of Britney in a short wig.

These two main versions of the video still have “subclasses”. Hilariously, the basis of difference is the “whether-or-not-Britney’s-ass-is-exposed”. This twist happens during the singing of the line, “They’re still gonna put pictures of my derriere in the magazine”.

However, another “Piece Of Me” version had leaked on YouTube which is definitely unofficial. It was the not-completely-edited “Piece Of Me” International Version which shows Britney in a chroma background.

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The Various Versions of Gimme More

Gimme More (slightly edited Main Version)

Gimme More (with a bit of mature content)

Gimme More 2nd Version/Music Choice

Directed by the amateur-director-at-that-time Jake Sarfaty, this music video became the impetus of Britney Spears’ attempt to go back to the music industry. Although, reviews are mixed, it definitely supported the single outstandingly, making it rise at #3 in the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks.

“Gimme More” was shot in a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles for two non-consecutive days. The whole concept of the video was purely Spears’. There were several concepts that were taken before the final concept was agreed upon. Some of them were complex and very far from the simple stripper-inspired final idea.

This music video has a number of versions. The streaming video on the extreme top is the main version. The following ones are the others that I found on YouTube. The difference between them is the range of exposure of Britney’s flesh. The main version is a bit wholesome whereas the other versions are more mature almost of Spears’ breasts. Music Choice is the official exhibitor of the more mature Gimme More 2nd Version.

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Ken Lee: Mariah Carey's Newest Single c/o Valentina Hasan

It seems like the show Music Idol is not only after of searching the best singer in Bulgaria but also, of producing a new singing comedy queen for the Bulgarians.

Valentina Hasan, a 29-year old Bulgarian woman took advantage of joining the second season of bTV’s Music Idol. During the audition, she attempted to sing a Mariah Carey song which she personally called “Ken Lee”. A lady judge corrected her and suggested that maybe the song is entitled “Without You”. But then, she insisted that the correct one is “Ken Lee”. And so, on that moment, a new Mariah Carey song was born…c/o herself, Valentina Hasan (haha.).

The birth of the new song was also the birth of a new language which was being incorporated on the song’s lyrics. Do you know the meaning of tulibu dibu douchoo? If you know, you’re a certified polyglot. Never get confused about this language, because it is also called English.

“Ken Lee” has become a major-yet-unofficial hit. Millions of people have already witnessed the performance of Valentina Hasan on YouTube. Maybe you’re the only one who hasn’t watched. The video is just found above. Play it!

Note: When you view the video, just think only one thing: that it is made for fun. Okay?

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Janet's Feedback

Feedback (alternate version)

Just like “Rock With U”, “Feedback” was directed by Saam Farahmand. It is the first music video for Janet Jackson’s tenth studio album “Discipline”. It was filmed in New York, USA.

“Feedback” is a sci-fi music video with two versions. The first one was released on January 8, 2008 while the other one, which includes very few unnoticeable additional scenes and extra sound effects, was released on January 21, 2008.

This video is a so-so. For me, it didn’t support the single well. I prefer to have a more dance-filled music video rather than a music video with scenes of Janet jumping and grooving on the planets in the solar system, you know. “Feedback” is NOT an astronomical song. Come to think of it…it is a sexy dance song.

By the way, Janet is quite “covered” in this video. She needs to expose some of her skin. I’m sorry to tell this but she’s ugly in the video…

That’s just my opinion. No violent reactions please!

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Oscar the Naked Cockatoo

Above is a video of an unfortunate ill cockatoo named Oscar. She has a disease called “beak and feather” which is caused by an unusual virus that attacks the immune system. This disease gets Oscar irritated the moment her feathers grow in. Eventually, because she couldn’t take it anymore, she tends to pull her feathers out. As a result, she turns into a naked bird.

Actually, Oscar is not yet fully naked. She still has few feathers left on her neck and head. The reason? Well, she just can’t reach them, that’s all.

Oscar is a girl cockatoo. It was a year before it was determined, through a blood test, that what they thought was male, was truly female, and it was too late to change names. If they can still change her name, I would prefer to baptize her as “Oscara”, “Oscarina” or “Emmy” (for Emmy Awards..haha..nonsense).

She’s been living here in this world for 12 years now. I think that’s long existence already for a bird. Sooner or later, her disease will damage her nails and beak and finally, will take her life. How sad...I guess that’s life.

Anyways, if you wanna visit Oscar personally, just head towards the Humane Society of Broward County. Just make sure to do it as soon as possible. You might catch her dead if you’ll do it on the last minute.

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Miss Universe 2007's Miss Slip-&-Fall

Miss USA Rachel Smith's Fall (with repetitions)

Another featured YouTube video clip today is about Rachel Renee Smith’s misfortune. Oh yeah, I know you barely know this lady so, I’ll be introducing her to you first.

Rachel Smith is a beauty queen who was crowned as Miss USA 2007. As a winner of the said pageant, she became the immediate candidate to represent the United States for the Miss Universe 2007 to be held in Mexico City, Mexico. Together with the other seventy-six women, Rachel did her ultimate best to be crowned as the successor of Miss Universe 2006 Zuleyka Rivera of Puerto Rico. She made it to the top five and at the end of the show, placed fourth runner-up.

Smith’s struggle towards success was never easy. Rachel had experienced a lot of totally embarrassing moments…

During the pageant’s national costume competition, she was heavily booed by the Mexicans. The reason is most likely political. She was also booed during the pageant night’s Q & A portion. This time, two probable reasons arose—first, political and second, the fact that Mexico’s candidate did not make it to the top five while USA’s Smith did.

Nonetheless, the most embarrassing moment she’d ever felt was her fall during the evening gown competition. When I say fall, it means the literal one.

The video clip above shows how Rachel slipped, fell and hit her ass on the stage. You may laugh if you want. Not that as she fell, she managed to sit with a straight back. That’s 90˚!! Perfect letter “L”! Good job! :)

After that, she instantly got back on her feet, posed and grinned like nothing serious happened. With all determination, she finished her walk and scored 8.754.

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Reporter & Electricity

Hey everyone! Today’s featured YouTube video has got something to do with reporters and electricity. Kinda not so connected words, eh? But now, I’m gonna show to you these words are in a very mutual relationship. You’re about to see a video of a reporter struck by one thousand plus volts while just doing his very noble job.

The setting of the video was in Caxias do Sul in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Lasier Martins, an old man reporter was tasked to do a report featuring the different varieties of Brazilian grapes. His first plan was to interview a grapefruit vendor. He did this so. The grape vendor was so confident to introduce her products to the audiences like she was the reporter. She caressed the grapes with poise. During her moment, no bad thing happened.

And now, it’s time for Mr. Martins’ piece. He went on the other side of the store to introduce another grape variety. He copied what the vendor had done a while ago. Mr. Lasier explained the said variety very well. After that, he touched it. The moment he did that…a sudden gush of excited electrons flowed into his body! He trembled like an epileptic and soon, collapsed on the floor.

…It was sad…yet funny! Maybe the grape variety he touched is called the “Electric Grape”…packed with very strong electricity, ready to kill anyone who attempts to eat it.

This video has been existing on YouTube for a year already and has so far attracted over 130,000 viewers. View it now so you could increase its traffic!

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

ContentLink™ Stops Working on My Blogs...Probably

It was last April 18, 2008 when I wrote a blog post airing out my problems about Kontera Technologies’ ContentLink™. ContentLink™ is one of the most famous in-text advertising products on the internet today. It works on your site through generating double-underlined keywords that link to relevant ads, content and information.

On that blog post, I stated my absolute disappointment about the product and Kontera itself. Kontera guarantees its customers that ContentLink™ will be functional 24 hours after its installation on their websites. However, in my case, 48 hours had passed and I still didn’t see any ContentLink™ links on my blog sites. How come?

Three days or 72 hours after the installation, I finally saw a double-underlined keyword. At last, ContentLink™ already works on my sites! But why did it take 72 long hours before it became fully operational? Is 72 hours synonymous to 24 hours? Come on Kontera! When you give sureties, make sure it’s definitely sure.

By the way, before I figured out that my ContentLink™ was already working, I got a comment from an Israeli visitor living in Tel-Aviv. He provided me with a link to Kontera’s “Adding Kontera Ads to Your Blog”. How a bit hilarious… Thanks for the help man, but I’ve been to that page and I didn’t pick anything helpful.

I suspect that that commenter named “Adam” may be an employee of Kontera Technologies, Inc. As you can see, I did my research and I found out that Kontera has an office in Israel, particularly in Herzeliya. Teehee! Maybe they got alarmed when I published that post. It might have caused them to act something about their product’s flaws.

Well, let’s move on…

Since I could see my ContentLink™ works, I decided to forgive and forget Kontera’s broken assurance. But, shortly after six days, I got troubled once again. The new trouble: ContentLink™ links stop showing.

Up to this time, I still don’t see any double-underlined keywords on either of my two blog sites. Recently, my traffic has gone moderately high and it’s a big frustration that ContentLink™ links don’t show up. My chance of earning revenue has been doomed.

There have been a reasonable number of net impressions (the number of pages where Kontera was able to successfully mark a ContentLink™) I got according to the summary of my Kontera account. But, how come I don’t see just a single link? Duh, I am like online all day long and checking my blogs from time to time, you know. Are the reports false?

Kontera and Kontera users! Help me regarding this problem. I’ve been missing my ContentLink™ so much. I want to gain revenue from it again. I need advice. Give me one please…

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

My “Irreplaceable” Version Hits Airwaves

I’m not so sure about this but I hope it’s true. You see, I am really a musically inclined person and whenever I’m in the mood, I tend to write songs about myself, my experiences, love and even hate. Some of the songs that I wrote are entitled “A Road To Stardom”, “Jokes Might Hurt Me”, “Picture”, “Gimme Ya Move” and “Discovered”. They all have unique melodies.

However recently, I have been into a different songwriting scheme. I must say my music is heavily influenced by acts such as Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, the Backstreet Boys, Usher among others. I am so engulfed with most of their songs that I came up having a new and probably effective musical idea. That is, recycling their songs through translating them using my mother tongue—the Cebuano language.

The first and so far, the only song that I remade is Beyoncé’s smash hit “Irreplaceable”. The remaking process was fairly tough for the song has rich lyrics. However, I managed to have the finished product just after a couple of hours. I entitled it as “Di Maalisdan (Irreplaceable Cebuano Version)”.

After finishing, I uploaded the song right away on On the first week of its release, it was heavily listened mostly by my classmates and friends (haha!). As of this date, it has gained over 130 listeners. Not bad…But that’s not the climax yet!

Just this day, I received a text message from Theresa Natalie Conde, a high school classmate of mine, regarding my version of “Irreplaceable”. She stated that her brother heard it at a local radio station in Cebu, Philippines. What?!? Like I was so stunned when I knew it. My song was played on the radio?? I can’t believe it! Well, that just means they probably like what I made. I’m so flattered.

Now, it seems like my inspiration in making songs has finally come back. I think I’ll have to finish my new work. It’s called “Wala’y Kinsa”, a remake of Alicia Keys’ “No One”. I’ll also be doing my version of Mariah’s “Touch My Body”. Check them out soon!

If you want to listen to my song “Di Maalisdan (Irreplaceable Cebuano Version)”, I embedded it just above this post.

By the way, allow me to plug my very first music video. It’s my version of Rihanna’s “Umbrella”.

FYI, the Cebuano language is distinct in central and southern Philippines. Actually, it is the most widely spoken language in the country and the #1 major basis of the Filipino language.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Taking Back My Good Words about Pacific Clicks!

Two days ago, I created a post about a certain Paid-To-Click (PTC) and Paid-To-Read (PTR) website not so famously known as Pacific Clicks. That was indeed a fairly lengthy post containing good reviews and praises about it. I really put my heart and soul just to make that one to attract fellow web surfers who want to earn bucks online. But now, I’m taking back my good words!

Yesterday noon, I received an e-mail bearing the subject “Hello from New Owner”. By just reading the subject, you’d automatically know that it’s an e-mail of self-introduction. In some way, you could also assume that the e-mail is meant to announce something. Maybe, it’s a notice about the changes that may take place on Pacific Clicks—changes in minimum payout, PTC/PTR pay rates, or advertiser and member benefits, name it. There are lots of possibilities.

After receiving the mail, I hurriedly opened it and read. Here are its contents.

Hello members of

I have bought the site. My name is Jeffrey Johnson. Pay attention to new rules: (1) Can only request $1 at time in payouts. Anything over $1 is a donation. (2) Can only request 1 payout at a time. You must wait to be paid before request again. Multiple request only one be paid up to $1 and rest will be a donation.

Hate doing this but last owner sold site only because he could not afford to pay people with all his ads he ran of his own and his own stupidity in running the site.

No point asking to be paid if cheater, do not understand English, or did not care to not put full name in your user info as you not be paid.

Site had $1050 in debt when took over, $596.12 paid out, and $ 510.08 in site income. As you can tell Alex did not learn from his late site. This just proves a 14 year old should not own a site.

He not only buy them from people who state they do not allow sites to people under 18 he joins sites where people under 18 not allowed. I only own one such site where people under 18 not allowed and Alex lied about his age.

Alex is a scammer and thank all who paid him should ask for there money back from him.

Jeffrey Johnson

The mail is too sweet, don’t you think? It’s too sweet that I don’t want to ask for more, so sweet that I got so totally disappointed.

Yeah, it’s okay for me to know that Pacific Clicks has got a new owner. I don’t give a damn. But knowing that some of the rules were altered at an unexpected time really blows my mind. The lowering of the minimum payout from $2.00 to $1.00 is good news. BUT, requesting a dollar payout at a time and converting requests that exceed $1.00 into donations is never a bright idea.

Even though I want to protest against these issues, I couldn’t do it for the new owner is just doing his thing to save the site from eventual closure. Mr. Jeffrey Johnson really deserves a word of thanks for saving and starting to turn the scamming PTC site into something that pays.

The previous owner is the one to be blamed about this shit. I admit that this 14-year old kid named Alex is quite genius at his age about having the idea of putting up a PTC website. But, a kid must not do things done by old men, I must say. Having your own PTC website or a website of any kind entails a great amount of responsibility. There’s money at stake. Having it may let you gain or lose something. To gain is nice but to lose is not, and that’s what happened to this boy. Alex, listen to me…you still got milk on your lips! Stop playing with your father’s PC.

Everyone! I just want you to know that Pacific Clicks is not my #1 PTC website anymore. It’s not my #1 worst either. Just so-so…

Now that Jeffrey Johnson’s taking over, I just hope that he’ll manage to iron out the glitches very soon. I will still remain a member of Pacific Clicks. I'll still be viewing ads and will continue refer others. If you want to join in, just click the image below.

Had it been that there are no problems such as this, Pacific Clicks would have a great chance to become one of the leading PTC websites on the net. It’s never too late though.

Mr. Johnson, prove to us that Pacific Clicks is NOT a SCAM anymore. Godspeed sir!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

YouTube Changes Logo for Just a While

YouTube, the most popular video sharing website in the world has just changed its logo for a short span of time. From a simple red, black and white colored logo, it has turned into a cooler one, dominated by green and blue hues.

On the new YouTube logo, the word "You" is still black but now, modified with a little azure glow. The word "Tube" on the other hand is still white but is a bit transparent. Its usual red background is changed into a background bearing the image of the Earth. How environmental, I may say... Moreover, the new logo still retains YouTube's trademark "Broadcast Yourself".

The logo alteration maybe because of a certain important occasion which YouTube strongly supports.

I've done my research a while ago and found out that there is indeed a celebration in April which I think, might be the cause of this logo alteration. Every 22nd of April, most of the countries around the world are celebrating the Earth Day. The Earth Day is intended to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the Earth's environment.

Noting that the new logo has a picture of the Earth on it, the Earth Day event may be a very possible reason for the YouTube team to do such a move.

Additionally, I've also discovered that Google, Inc., the owner of YouTube has been an active promoter of climate change awareness as well as global public health and global poverty. See? Now, it's quite clear to figure out.

Personally, I do prefer the new logo more than the old one. I think it's more "alive" and more fascinating. But whether its temporary or not, I still don't give a huge care about it. Discussing Youtube's streaming videos are more interesting than discussing its logo. Agree?

By the way...HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!
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Pacific Clicks: The #1 PTC Website Ever!

Recently, I have been dealing with a number of Paid-To-Click (PTC) websites. These websites offer a bunch of services that enable you to earn money in no time…if you’re so pretty determined. Making money on PTC sites is simply a three-step process—click, wait and earn! That’s just it! In every click you do, you’ll instantly get a cent or two. The amount depends upon the type of advertising the advertiser of that site purchased.

A great number of PTC sites have already been emerging on the internet today, and each of them tends to be so presentable just to lure people to become members of their sites. Such luring techniques are based on the earnings, the referral system, the payout or the number of advertisements. Some websites somehow are so exaggerating. They offer a hundred or a thousand bucks per ad. If you happen to encounter this kind of PTC sites, please don’t join in. These are but scams. You won’t be getting something from them.

Anyway, I almost forgot to tell you about the supposed-to-be-the-topic of this post. Among the fifteen PTC websites that I am currently browsing on, I must say that Pacific Clicks is my #1 favorite and recommended PTC website ever. This is a newly-created site which already has almost 2,000 members so far. Pacific Clicks offers a lot of benefits either to the advertiser’s side or to the member’s side. Let me enumerate these benefits for you.

Members Benefits

  • $0.05 sign up bonus
  • 250 exchange credits on sign up
  • Paid-To-Click $0.02-$0.001
  • Paid-To-Read $0.02-$0.001
  • Paid e-mails 0.01
  • Paid-To-Sign-Up $0.10
  • PTP 40 CPM up to $1.00 for Premium open to all
  • Payments may be done through PayPal
  • Free account
  • Upgrades available
  • 12 ads guaranteed daily
  • Very low $2.00 Payout
  • Live support

Advertisers Benefits

  • Automated transactions
  • Paid-To-Click ads
  • Paid-To-Read ads
  • Banner advertising
  • Paid-To-Sign-Up
  • Live support
  • Very cheap competitive advertising rates
  • Stats automatically updated 24/7
  • Improved cheat system, catches lots of cheaters

As of this moment, I still haven’t received payments from this site for I still haven’t reached the minimum payout (haha!). But I’m pretty sure that Pacific Clicks is NOT a scam. You can find lots of testimonials on the net proving that it absolutely pays.

Care to join now? Well, just click the image below. No worries!

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Britney Will Be Returning to HIMYM

It's never just a buzz anymore! Britney Spears' return to How I Met Your Mother is finally confirmed!

Last April 21, BRITannica, the official blogger posted a blog reporting that the pop princess will be reprising her role as a receptionist named Abby in the coming week. The date however of her comeback is yet unconfirmed.

The March 24 episode of How I Met Your Mother which Britney appeared attracted about 3.5 million viewers. That was so far the greatest traffic the said comedy sitcom ever had.

Earlier, actor Neil Patrick Harris commented that a famous icon like Britney Spears is not needed for boosting the ratings of HIMYM. He shortly clarified his statement and said that he'll be glad to work with her again.
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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Masturbate Regularly to Get Rid of Cancer

To those with penises out there (I mean, men), this shocking health news is exclusively for you.

A recent study conducted by a group of Australian researchers stresses that men could reduce their risk of developing prostate cancer through regular masturbation.

According to them, by ejaculating semen regularly, the building up of carcinogens (cancer-causing chemicals) within the prostate gland may be prevented. Thus, reduces the risk of obtaining prostate cancer.

Nevertheless, they added that sexual intercourse may not have the equal protective effect because of the possibility of contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI), which could increase men's cancer risk.

During the conduct of the study, the researchers asked over 1,000 men who had prostate cancer and 1,250 who had not about their sexual habits. After critical analyzing, they found out that those who had ejaculated the most between 20 to 50 years old were the least likely to develop the cancer. The protective effect was greatest while the men were in their 20s. Men who ejaculated more than five times a week were a third less likely to develop prostate cancer later in life.

An earlier research has proposed that a high number of sexual partners or a high level of sexual activity increased a man’s risk of developing prostate cancer by 40%. Yet, the Australian researchers who carried out this study suggest the early work missed the protective effect of ejaculation for it is highly focused on sexual intercourse, with its associated risk of STIs.

"Had we been able to remove ejaculations associated with sexual intercourse, there should have been an even stronger protective effect of ejaculations." Graham Giles, leader of the Australian research team from the Cancer Council Victoria in Melbourne, told New Scientist (a weekly international science magazine and website covering recent developments in science and technology).

The researchers suggest that ejaculating may prevent carcinogens from accumulating within the prostate gland in such a manner that it makes the gland become busy performing its function as the one secreting fluids for the activation of sperms. The fluid has great concentrations of potassium, zinc, fructose and citric acid, which are drawn from the bloodstream. However, animal studies have shown carcinogens such as 3-methylchloranthrene, found in cigarette smoke, are also concentrated in the prostate.

“Fewer ejaculations may mean the carcinogens build up.” Giles stated. "It's a prostatic stagnation hypothesis. The more you flush the ducts out, the less there is to hang around and damage the cells that line them."

New Scientist reports that a similar connection has been found between breast cancer and breastfeeding. According to them, lactating appeared to "flush out" carcinogens, lessening a woman's risk of the disease.

Another theory presented by the researchers is that ejaculation may induce prostate glands to mature fully, making them less susceptible to carcinogens.

"This is a plausible theory." Dr Chris Hiley, head of policy and research at the United Kingdom's Prostate Cancer Charity, told BBC News Online. “In the same way the human papilloma virus has been linked to cervical cancer, there is a suggestion that bits of prostate cancer may be related to a sexually transmitted infection earlier in life."

Anthony Smith, deputy director of the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society at La Trobe University in Melbourne, said the research could affect the kind of lifestyle advice doctors give to patients.

"Masturbation is part of people's sexual repertoire.” he said. "If these findings hold up, then it's perfectly reasonable that men should be encouraged to masturbate."


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Boy Monkeys Prefer "Boy" Toys

When we were once little kids, we humans tend to choose playthings based on our gender. Normally, boys deal with robots, toy trucks and war toys, whereas, girls prefer playing with Barbie dolls or cuddly stuffed animals. We have this propensity because of several factors such as cues we’ve picked up from our parents, peer group or from various media like the TV.

But did you know that there is a study in the United States suggesting that when it comes to choosing between toy trucks and cuddly stuffed animals, chromosomes found in our body could tell a difference?

The concept that children’s preference in toys might be genetically determined has long been pronounced by psychologists as unscientific, sexist or both. But in spite of that, some researchers still don’t give up their notion which is in contrary to that of the psychologists. One of them is Kim Wallen of the Yerkes National Primate Research Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

She, together with her team of scientists conducted a study about it. However this time, the participants were not humans but another type of primates known as rhesus monkeys. Rhesus monkey is one of the most famous species of Old World monkeys found in Asia.

Wallen’s team decided to offer typical "male" and "female" playthings to the monkeys to see if preferences are associated with sex. Surprisingly, they did. The 11 male monkeys headed straight for the wheeled toys, such as dump trucks. Meanwhile, the 23 females were more curious, and played with both the wheeled toys and plush toys.

"They are not subject to advertising. They are not subject to parental encouragement, they are not subject to peer chastisement," Wallen said, contending that even in monkeys, preferences on a certain thing, other than cues we’ve got from the others, are highly based upon the individual’s sex.

The results of from Wallen’s team support an earlier study at Texas A&M University, with green vervet monkeys as participants, which also showed a definite preference among male monkeys for "masculine" playthings.


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Friday, April 18, 2008

Kontera! Where's my ContentLink™?!?!

Two days ago, I signed up in an in-text advertising provider to try a product that might monetize my web blogs. The provider’s name is Kontera. According to Wikipedia, Kontera’s technology is based on a number proprietary semantic, statistical, linguistic, and yield maximization algorithms that determine online content, extract and rank topics and keywords, and then match them to relevant ads, content, and information. It is much known on the web because of its product, ContentLink™.

As early as March 2008 (the month I started blogging), I’ve been craving to try ContentLink™. I’ve always wanted to apply it on my blogs so I could somehow earn bucks. I’ve seen so many websites having ContentLink™ and I guess, they are gaining huge amounts of income out of it. ContentLink™’s links for me are sort of irresistible and attractive for site visitors, especially those who are non-internet-inclined persons. There is a huge possibility that they will click one of those links, and if that happens frequently, dollars will flow effortlessly.

Actually, I had browsed Kontera’s website just last month. When I first visited the site, I thought that they are not offering ContentLink™ to bloggers with blogs having poor or no page ranks or, a great amount of traffic. I also thought that it’s not free, that you need to buy the product.

Two weeks later, through’s e-mail (I think), I found out that I was totally wrong. It’s free, and my blogs are fairly qualified!

After signing up and confirming my account, I immediately pasted the codes to my websites. Like an obedient kid, I carefully followed every step of the installation process.

Paste the code just before the </BODY> tag and wait for 24 hours for the codes to become functional.

…And so I waited…

Exactly 24 hours later, I was surprised…so surprised that my blogs had undergone…NO CHANGES AT ALL. Freak! I didn’t see any double-underlined links on both of my two blogs. How miserable! There’s no ContentLink™, there’s no advertising, there’s no money.

Why is it so? I’m pretty sure I followed the instruction very cautiously. How come ContentLink™ is still not operational? Is ContentLink™ not available for Blogspot bloggers?

Now that two days have passed, ContentLink™’s links are still not showing up. This is not good anymore. I’m starting to hate my once desire. If it will stay the same for a week, I shall spread to everyone that this is a one lump of shit.

ContentLink™! Kontera! Don’t be so freaky! Give me my links ASAP!

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Allow Me to Introduce Myself

This was my very first entry on the original VJ Czar World blog. I decided to repost this just so you’ll know me better. I hope you’ll read it word by word.


I guess it's better for you to know me more so you'll be aware of what you're gonna get from me. Allow me to introduce myself! :)

Where to begin...

I am Czar Rod Joven (in katakana, ホヴェン・ザルロッド), a new blogger of this old yet renowned blogging website. My high school and college friends (as well as the others) call me "Czar". At home and in my hometown, I am called "Khadaphy". I think that's a Muslim name suggested by my one of my late grandfathers. Yeah I got those sobriquets, but I prefer you to call me "VJ Czar". Wonder where that stuff came from? Well, don't ask me. I myself, don't even know where...Hehe.

But I do know where my first name originated. Actually, my real given name is "Czar Rod Bartolome". It was taken from the first names of my three grandfathers--Cesar, Rodrigo and Bartolome. However, because of the errors done by a nurse of Limso General Hospital, "Bartolome" was excluded in my authenticated birth certificate being issued by the National Statistics Office. I was really sad. I just found it out 15 years after the day I was born. I vowed to myself that I'm gonna retain my REAL name ASAP.

On the other hand, I just want you to know that I'm a citizen of the Republic of the Philippines. Sadly but proudly, I am a pure Filipino. But don't you get me wrong. I am not that proud of being such a being. I am a world citizen! I've got no nationalistic limitations.

I'm currently living in Davao City, specifically, in the northernmost barangay of Lasang. [FYI, Davao City's found in the southeastern part of the Philippines.] My father Raul, is a barangay kagawad (a councilor of the Philippines' smallest political unit called barangay) and my mother Lucila, is a social worker. Both of them were once being affected by local political bullshits (sorry for the word)...Don't wanna expound that anymore.

I have two brothers--John Raul II and Kirk Luke Raul III. I'm like confused about their names having "II" and "III", respectively. I haven't known any person named John Raul I, Kirk Luke Raul I and Kirk Luke Raul II, you know. Maybe it's because of the existence of "Raul". Whatever! Well, the former is a college graduate and is currently working as a web developer. The latter is still on his junior high struggle.

Let's get it on!

I was born on April 29, 1990 so, it means my sign is Taurus. My religion's Roman Catholicism. Height: 5'1", Weight: almost 70 kg...I can speak Filipino, Cebuano well, and English fairly. I got a bit of linguistic skills in Japanese language, too. I know how to write using the Kana characters and a little bit of Kanji characters.

I spent my elementary days at Alejandra L. Navarro Central Elementary School. I graduated there as a valedictorian (but in the invitation. I was like the "First Honor"). I pursued my studies at the Davao City National High School. That's the largest high school in Davao City that houses an average of 7,500 students. I was also proclaimed as a valedictorian at that time. It's kinda surprising but I guess...that's just me..ahaha!! :)

Currently, I am in college taking up Bachelor of Science in International Studies major in Japanese Language and Studies. The institution? It's Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku (Mindanao International College or ミンダナオ国際大学). However, as of this moment, I'm thinking of shifting to fields that I love better. Those are Environmental Science and Computer Science. I'm not yet sure regarding that matter. I'm still searching for signs.

When it comes to interests, I must say that music is my #1 love. It's a way of releasing my emotions. It's a way of telling things that I can hardly say to somebody. It's my friend, my confidant and my boo. I write songs since I was a sophomore high school student. So far, I've written 30+ songs using Sound Recorder or Adobe Audition 2.0. I'm pretty sure their melodies are original. The only problem is, I find it hard to play those melodies through a particular musical instrument. I mean, I don't have ample knowledge when it comes to playing stringed instruments, keyboard, percussions, etc. I guess it's better if I'll have a collaborator.

I'm also freakin' interested in surfing the web...or should I say, anything with relation to the internet. I always download stuffs...sounds, movies, e-books, name it. I can also webhost and create webpages in HTML (only..). I created the website with the URL It is currently under construction for I am so busy about my studies. Yeah, it's just a sub-domain. Don't have any bucks yet so I can have my own "".

Video editing then is my third love. The program that I'm using is Sony Vegas 7.0. I'm looking forward to learning Adobe Premiere’s operations. I’ve tried it and I must say it's pretty complicated. If you wanna see one of my works, watch my version of Rihanna's "Umbrella" below.

Meanwhile, I have a huge interest in the entertainment industry...either internationally or locally. I don't know why but I find the need to disseminate news and even gossips about celebrities doing crazy things. Presently, Britney Spears is the most interesting newsmaker for me. I love and hate her actions. Kinda confused? Yeah! That may be the reason why she'd caught my most of my attention.

I also love Geography, Astronomy and anything about the environment. I can name all the countries of the world and their capitals as well. On the other hand, I believe in UFOs and the existence of aliens. I really love those enigmatic beings.

Since music is my supreme interest, I have a dream of becoming a performer. Yes, a performer...not a singer. Though I can sing (but not so excellently), I don't wanna isolate myself to just one thing. I believe that I am capable of dancing and acting so, why not do it all at the same time. I'm a performer (period!).

Below are links that will lead you to how I am working to realize my ultimate dream:

So, I guess that's it! Now you know what you're gonna get from me. If there are any infos that I missed, you may contact me here.

Got a lotta things to say here!

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Friday, April 11, 2008

MKD: Its Seal, Philosophy, Vision & Mission


The MKD seal was originally designed by Mr. Ricardo N. Obenza, a member of the MKD Board of Trustees. At the center of the big circle are letters M, K and D inscribed in a Mindanaoan ethnic fashion. The small red circle on the upper right side symbolizes the country of Japan. The year 2001 below is the year of the college's registration to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The characters at the lower section are Kanji characters. These characters are one of the three writing systems currently used in Japan. From left to right, the three groups of kanji are read as follows:

  • Houshi (奉仕)-service
  • Gakusai (学祭)-Experiential learning
  • Shourai (将来)-Future

Those three words imply the aim of the college which is to develop human resources who can address the problems among the Philippines, in Japan and in the ASEAN countries. It will then provide learning opportunities for poor but deserving students and help all other students achieve their dreams.


The college provides whollistic, excellent and quality education to students so they may become persons with ability to face any global problem.


To be the pioneer international college in the Philippines and in Southern Mindanao with state-of-the-art technology that caters not only for the Christians, Muslims, and Lumads but for foreign students as well. The college gives preference to ASEAN students.


The Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku aims to equip its academic community with up-to-date knowledge, research capability, and civic consciousness that will propel them to be the pioneering leaders in their respective work arena.

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Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku (ミンダナオ国際大学) : A College Conceived by Philippines-Japan Relations

The image on the left is the institution where I'm studying right now. Let me tell you something about my college alma mater. The facts are based upon the MKD's student handbook.

Established in the year 2002, the Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku (Mindanao International College) is one of the newly-stood colleges in Davao City, Philippines.

The realization of the MKD is credited to the Japan-Philippines Volunteer Association (JPVA) which, has been assisting the Filipinos who are Nikkeijin (Japanese descendants) as early as 1980.

A philanthropist named Ayako Honda-Uchida initiated the construction of the college building by donating a substantial amount. She had dreamed of a welfare college after visiting the city several times.

The name "Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku" was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on April 18, 2001. The requirements imposed by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) had been met. Furthermore, the ironing of essential operations and the preparation of necessary documents were done as the completion of the 6-storey building drew nearer.

On February 13, 2002, the permits for Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd) majors in Early Childhood Education/Special Education and the Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd) with majors in General Science/Mathematics were issued by the CHED Regional Office XI.

The issuance of the permits for Bachelor of Science in Social Services (BSSS), majors in the Care of Older Persons/Child Governance and the presently defunct Bachelor of Science in Community Development (BSCD) came next on May 10. On the other hand, the permit of the so-called "specialization of MKD" which is Bachelor of Science in International Studies (BSIS) major in Japanese Language and Studies was issued on May 20. The issuance of courses' permits happened just before the MKD's formal opening.

On June 3, 2002 the portals of Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku opened and ready to accept high school graduates and baccalaureate degree holders. A total of 63 students became pioneers of the MKD, 23 males and 40 females. The college's formal grand opening occurred last June 10, 2002. It was followed by three packaged tours of Japanese students, teachers and vacationers in August.

The school year 2002-2003 started with 11 full-time staff and administrators cum faculty and six part-time members. They worked on policies, manuals, curricular or extra-curricular activities, and the regular classes in addition to the entertainment of Japanese visitors.

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4 Obsolete Kana Characters

Studying the Kana characters is one of the most essential things that you should take in order for you to be proficient in Japanese language. Kana is a writing system which is composed of 92 characters—46 under the hiragana (ひらがな), and 46 under the katakana (カタカナ). But did you know that the number of the Kana characters before was 96?

Before 1946, there were Kana characters which bore the “we” (/ɰe/) and “wi” (/ɰi/) sounds. These characters, to date, are obsolete—old-fashioned and no longer in general use. Instead of using them, ウィ and ウェare preferred as substitutes to signify “wi” and “we”, respectively, for onomatopoeia and foreign words.

The image on the right shows the Kana characters for “we”. The above is “we’ in hiragana while below is its katakana equivalent. It is thought that during the Kamakura Period, was being criticized as a character having the same pronunciation as which is イェ. This might be the cause of its removal from the official Kana writing system.

Meanwhile, on the left are the Kana characters for “wi”. The main possible reason for its elimination in the official orthography is the fact that and bears the same pronunciation which is /i/. This issue rose somewhere between the Kamakura and the Taisho Periods.

If you got the East Asian fonts installed in your computer, you can still type the , , and characters on your computer. You can use them if you want at any time. But don’t ever expect that your young Japanese friends will be able to read it.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Revisiting the MKD's Very First P.E. Night

MKD people, do you still remember this? If you don’t, let me help you recall.

It was on the night of October 5, 2007 when the very first P.E. Night took place at the “highest ground” of the Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku. With Prof. Arnel francis Morales as the adviser, the SSPE1 and SSPE3 students organized the said event for months to give extreme recognition to physical education, health, music, dance, sports and recreational activities. The venue was adorned by Mr. Grand Crizzel Ravacio with glittery blue and silver objects.

The event was ignited through a massive multimedia presentation created by Czar Rod Joven and a magnificent performance of the entire freshmen and sophomores of the MKD. After that, there had been a series of superb presentations. The SSPE1 students, wearing the new P.E. uniform, gave tribute to various types of sports as well as to some quiet and active recreational activities. Conversely, the SSPE3 students, dressed up with traditional Filipino attires, showed up and gave pride to popular Philippine folk dances.

The Mr. & Ms. P.E. on the other hand, was the focal point of the P.E. Night. A total of six pairs joined in to compete and become the most deserving guy and gal, gifted with extreme glamour, athletic prowess and wit. The members of the jury were Mr. Sherwin Tinnae, Mr. Arnel Solis, Ms. Flora Mae Cabacungan, Ms. Celestina Japos and Ms. Olivia Trinquand. In the end, the titles were given to Hiruko Osanai and Jamaica Omega Mendoza.

Have I already brought your memory back? You should not forget this one. It’s too precious to be forgotten.

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Philippines Hot 100???

Finally, the Philippines has got a brand new system for checking what’s hot and what’s not in the world of music.

Last January 2008, an unknown account holder established the Philippines Hot 100 bearing the URL This chart is highly based on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 which, is the most famous and reliable music data source in the United States.

The Philippines Hot 100 tabulates radio airplays, music station requests and internet downloads around the country. The chart is being updated every Saturday.

Unlike the real Hot 100, the Philippines Hot 100 seems to be nothing but an unofficial chart made by a certain big fan of music. The URL tells it so. The creator of this chart seems to have no enough funds to buy his/her own domain. If the Philippines Hot 100 is an official chart, then it’s URL must be in the form of http://www.(site’s name).com/, or its location must be within

Well anyways, whether it is official or not, it’s still good to hear that the Philippines has its own Hot 100. Way to go! :)

The Philippines Hot 100’s URL has just been moved to a much worse URL name than the previous one. Its first number one hit is “Your Guardian Angel” by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus posted last January 28, 2008. So far, the chart has had five #1s.

Some of the music-related contents on Wikipedia already show information that comes from the Philippines Hot 100. I’m pretty sure that the one who did that was the creator himself/herself. Good job!

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Monday, April 7, 2008

The Epilogue Part 2

This is the last one everyone! “The Epilogue Part 2” is the album’s title and it consists of a total of 52 photos. Some of these were taken while we were heading towards the airport. The tall skyscrapers really caught my eye. That’s why you have to expect that this album is more on “architecture appreciation” (haha!).

Well, most of this album’s included photos were taken inside the Manila International Airport (MIA). While we were there, I just noticed a certain thing. The airport’s security was not that strict as that of the Davao International Airport. I’m not saying that MIA’s security personnel don’t do their job well. It’s just that I find it to be very different and strange. Metro Manila is more prone to terrorists’ threat than Davao City I think. So, I was just wondering why the security was like that. That’s all.

Hmmm, I guess this will be the end of sharing to you the Gakusei Jichikai’s Baguio City experience, huh. ‘Til then!

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The Epilogue

I’ve just uploaded the next album and it’s entitled “The Epilogue”. It includes 51 snapshots; all were taken in Metro Manila, particularly in Eastwood City, Quezon City. We spent a night in one of the condominiums there (sorry, forgot the name…). How luxurious, eh? No, it just so happened that some of the fourth year students of the Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku Batch 2008 had their on-the-job training as call center agents there. They wanted us to visit them and I guess there’s no point of refusing that precious opportunity.

Living in a condominium will really make you feel you’re part of the first class society, you know. Those schoolmates of mine definitely got the contentment of life. I mean, they are receiving high salaries, staying in a condo unit with a plasma TV, an aircon, and others and most of all, living the life independently. If that would be the case then, I would love to become a call center agent in the future. It’s never a bad thing to do though…

When we were there, we didn’t have the time to roam around and do shopping. Shame on us. Better luck next time.

By the way, the actual number of photos for this album is 103. But, that freakin’ Photobucket doesn’t allow me to exceed up to 100 pics per album. So, I decided to divide the number of photos by two.

You gotta check the other half soon. That would be the last set!

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Before the Departure

Now here comes the album of our last day in Baguio City. The PACSA seminar at this moment was totally over and so, it only meant one thing…FUN, FUN, FUN! This was the climax of our Baguio City experience. It seemed like we were in high spirits at that time knowing that we could finally explore the renowned tourist spots within the City of Pines without any constraints (well, money and time are exceptions).

The first place that we visited was Mines View Nature Park. There, we witnessed the beautiful panorama of the Cordillera mountain range. Yours truly had some picture taking with a horse…love it! By the way, while were there, we encountered a magnitude 4 earthquake. That was kind of scary but indeed; it was another unique experience of mine.

The Mansion was our next destination. It is the official summer residence of the head of the executive department of our government, the President of the Republic of the Philippines. In front of it is the Wright Park. All I can say about it is that it is absolutely splendid. I never thought I’d find such place like that of the Wright Park without ever going overseas. Baguio City makes you feel like you’re in the subtropics.

From The Mansion, we walked a kilometer or two to reach the Baguio City Botanical Garden. I’m not so sure but I think the place is not that maintained well. It seemed to be just an ordinary botanical garden for me. The local government of Baguio City must do some actions to make it more appealing to the eyes of tourists. In that way, money will keep on flowing in. Go Baguio City!

Sad to say, that place was the last one that we explored before our departure. Oh before I forgot, the title of this album is “Before the Departure”. 79 snaps are coming your way!

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Day 3 in Baguio 市

Fourth album uploaded! This is the second one with the most number of snapshots…65 to be exact. I entitled it as “Day 3 in Baguio (read as “shi” which is a suffix for “city”). I think this was the most serious day of all. We were inside the conference hall the whole day listening four seminars. Fortunately, I didn’t catch myself sleeping. 講演者はとても面白かったから。。(It’s because the speakers were quite interesting.)

We only had time roaming around Baguio City when the night came. But that was too short. We just went to SM City Baguio. That was the very first time I’ve ever been to a mall which, even if you’re already inside the building, you’re still gonna feel the rain pouring down on top of your head. Moreover, it’s the only mall in the Philippines (I think) that don’t need air conditioning services anymore.

Before I forget, this album also includes exclusive snaps of Charlyn Velasquez’ awesome performance at the PACSA seminar’s last night. She really got the crowd good.

The slideshow below only presents 30 photos. To view all, click “view all images”.

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Our Day 2 in Baguio

It seems like I’m working so fast this day, eh? Well, this blog post is a notice that the third album of the Gakusei Jichikai experience in Baguio City has just been uploaded and is ready to be viewed by everyone. It’s all thanks to me, huh.

The album’s title is “Our Day 2 in Baguio”. It is a heck of 72 photos compiled into a single yet very interesting album. Some photos were taken during the first three leadership seminars and some during our leisure time which we spent inside and in front of the Recto Hall.

Nevertheless, the highlight of this album is the photos taken when we were at the Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad, the capital city of Benguet province. It’s pretty cool and cold there. Going there will really surprise you and make you say, “The Philippines indeed has strawberries!” If you’re going to Baguio City, I recommend you to go forth to the Strawberry Farm. There are several souvenirs shop there selling very cheap stuffs like strawberry jams, lengua de gato, peanut brittle, strawberry wine, handicrafts and many more.

Since this album is so far the most bulky, I decided to put 30 snaps on the slideshow. But, it’s better if you’ll view the entirety, y’know.

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