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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Reporter & Electricity

Hey everyone! Today’s featured YouTube video has got something to do with reporters and electricity. Kinda not so connected words, eh? But now, I’m gonna show to you these words are in a very mutual relationship. You’re about to see a video of a reporter struck by one thousand plus volts while just doing his very noble job.

The setting of the video was in Caxias do Sul in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Lasier Martins, an old man reporter was tasked to do a report featuring the different varieties of Brazilian grapes. His first plan was to interview a grapefruit vendor. He did this so. The grape vendor was so confident to introduce her products to the audiences like she was the reporter. She caressed the grapes with poise. During her moment, no bad thing happened.

And now, it’s time for Mr. Martins’ piece. He went on the other side of the store to introduce another grape variety. He copied what the vendor had done a while ago. Mr. Lasier explained the said variety very well. After that, he touched it. The moment he did that…a sudden gush of excited electrons flowed into his body! He trembled like an epileptic and soon, collapsed on the floor.

…It was sad…yet funny! Maybe the grape variety he touched is called the “Electric Grape”…packed with very strong electricity, ready to kill anyone who attempts to eat it.

This video has been existing on YouTube for a year already and has so far attracted over 130,000 viewers. View it now so you could increase its traffic!

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