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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

YouTube Changes Logo for Just a While

YouTube, the most popular video sharing website in the world has just changed its logo for a short span of time. From a simple red, black and white colored logo, it has turned into a cooler one, dominated by green and blue hues.

On the new YouTube logo, the word "You" is still black but now, modified with a little azure glow. The word "Tube" on the other hand is still white but is a bit transparent. Its usual red background is changed into a background bearing the image of the Earth. How environmental, I may say... Moreover, the new logo still retains YouTube's trademark "Broadcast Yourself".

The logo alteration maybe because of a certain important occasion which YouTube strongly supports.

I've done my research a while ago and found out that there is indeed a celebration in April which I think, might be the cause of this logo alteration. Every 22nd of April, most of the countries around the world are celebrating the Earth Day. The Earth Day is intended to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the Earth's environment.

Noting that the new logo has a picture of the Earth on it, the Earth Day event may be a very possible reason for the YouTube team to do such a move.

Additionally, I've also discovered that Google, Inc., the owner of YouTube has been an active promoter of climate change awareness as well as global public health and global poverty. See? Now, it's quite clear to figure out.

Personally, I do prefer the new logo more than the old one. I think it's more "alive" and more fascinating. But whether its temporary or not, I still don't give a huge care about it. Discussing Youtube's streaming videos are more interesting than discussing its logo. Agree?

By the way...HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!
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