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Friday, April 25, 2008

Taking Back My Good Words about Pacific Clicks!

Two days ago, I created a post about a certain Paid-To-Click (PTC) and Paid-To-Read (PTR) website not so famously known as Pacific Clicks. That was indeed a fairly lengthy post containing good reviews and praises about it. I really put my heart and soul just to make that one to attract fellow web surfers who want to earn bucks online. But now, I’m taking back my good words!

Yesterday noon, I received an e-mail bearing the subject “Hello from New Owner”. By just reading the subject, you’d automatically know that it’s an e-mail of self-introduction. In some way, you could also assume that the e-mail is meant to announce something. Maybe, it’s a notice about the changes that may take place on Pacific Clicks—changes in minimum payout, PTC/PTR pay rates, or advertiser and member benefits, name it. There are lots of possibilities.

After receiving the mail, I hurriedly opened it and read. Here are its contents.

Hello members of

I have bought the site. My name is Jeffrey Johnson. Pay attention to new rules: (1) Can only request $1 at time in payouts. Anything over $1 is a donation. (2) Can only request 1 payout at a time. You must wait to be paid before request again. Multiple request only one be paid up to $1 and rest will be a donation.

Hate doing this but last owner sold site only because he could not afford to pay people with all his ads he ran of his own and his own stupidity in running the site.

No point asking to be paid if cheater, do not understand English, or did not care to not put full name in your user info as you not be paid.

Site had $1050 in debt when took over, $596.12 paid out, and $ 510.08 in site income. As you can tell Alex did not learn from his late site. This just proves a 14 year old should not own a site.

He not only buy them from people who state they do not allow sites to people under 18 he joins sites where people under 18 not allowed. I only own one such site where people under 18 not allowed and Alex lied about his age.

Alex is a scammer and thank all who paid him should ask for there money back from him.

Jeffrey Johnson

The mail is too sweet, don’t you think? It’s too sweet that I don’t want to ask for more, so sweet that I got so totally disappointed.

Yeah, it’s okay for me to know that Pacific Clicks has got a new owner. I don’t give a damn. But knowing that some of the rules were altered at an unexpected time really blows my mind. The lowering of the minimum payout from $2.00 to $1.00 is good news. BUT, requesting a dollar payout at a time and converting requests that exceed $1.00 into donations is never a bright idea.

Even though I want to protest against these issues, I couldn’t do it for the new owner is just doing his thing to save the site from eventual closure. Mr. Jeffrey Johnson really deserves a word of thanks for saving and starting to turn the scamming PTC site into something that pays.

The previous owner is the one to be blamed about this shit. I admit that this 14-year old kid named Alex is quite genius at his age about having the idea of putting up a PTC website. But, a kid must not do things done by old men, I must say. Having your own PTC website or a website of any kind entails a great amount of responsibility. There’s money at stake. Having it may let you gain or lose something. To gain is nice but to lose is not, and that’s what happened to this boy. Alex, listen to me…you still got milk on your lips! Stop playing with your father’s PC.

Everyone! I just want you to know that Pacific Clicks is not my #1 PTC website anymore. It’s not my #1 worst either. Just so-so…

Now that Jeffrey Johnson’s taking over, I just hope that he’ll manage to iron out the glitches very soon. I will still remain a member of Pacific Clicks. I'll still be viewing ads and will continue refer others. If you want to join in, just click the image below.

Had it been that there are no problems such as this, Pacific Clicks would have a great chance to become one of the leading PTC websites on the net. It’s never too late though.

Mr. Johnson, prove to us that Pacific Clicks is NOT a SCAM anymore. Godspeed sir!

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