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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pacific Clicks: The #1 PTC Website Ever!

Recently, I have been dealing with a number of Paid-To-Click (PTC) websites. These websites offer a bunch of services that enable you to earn money in no time…if you’re so pretty determined. Making money on PTC sites is simply a three-step process—click, wait and earn! That’s just it! In every click you do, you’ll instantly get a cent or two. The amount depends upon the type of advertising the advertiser of that site purchased.

A great number of PTC sites have already been emerging on the internet today, and each of them tends to be so presentable just to lure people to become members of their sites. Such luring techniques are based on the earnings, the referral system, the payout or the number of advertisements. Some websites somehow are so exaggerating. They offer a hundred or a thousand bucks per ad. If you happen to encounter this kind of PTC sites, please don’t join in. These are but scams. You won’t be getting something from them.

Anyway, I almost forgot to tell you about the supposed-to-be-the-topic of this post. Among the fifteen PTC websites that I am currently browsing on, I must say that Pacific Clicks is my #1 favorite and recommended PTC website ever. This is a newly-created site which already has almost 2,000 members so far. Pacific Clicks offers a lot of benefits either to the advertiser’s side or to the member’s side. Let me enumerate these benefits for you.

Members Benefits

  • $0.05 sign up bonus
  • 250 exchange credits on sign up
  • Paid-To-Click $0.02-$0.001
  • Paid-To-Read $0.02-$0.001
  • Paid e-mails 0.01
  • Paid-To-Sign-Up $0.10
  • PTP 40 CPM up to $1.00 for Premium open to all
  • Payments may be done through PayPal
  • Free account
  • Upgrades available
  • 12 ads guaranteed daily
  • Very low $2.00 Payout
  • Live support

Advertisers Benefits

  • Automated transactions
  • Paid-To-Click ads
  • Paid-To-Read ads
  • Banner advertising
  • Paid-To-Sign-Up
  • Live support
  • Very cheap competitive advertising rates
  • Stats automatically updated 24/7
  • Improved cheat system, catches lots of cheaters

As of this moment, I still haven’t received payments from this site for I still haven’t reached the minimum payout (haha!). But I’m pretty sure that Pacific Clicks is NOT a scam. You can find lots of testimonials on the net proving that it absolutely pays.

Care to join now? Well, just click the image below. No worries!

Make sure to leave a comment, ok?

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