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Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Blue Team Cheer Prowess (Another P.E. lympics Moment)

Hey students of the Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku (...and the entire world as well)! Here's another video of the recently concluded P.E. lympics.

Do you know which team got the first prize during the Cheerdance Competition event? Okay, I think I have to give clues. Here it is!

  • First, this team was the first and last team to perform.
  • Second,they came up being the 3rd over-all champion at the end of the P.E. lympics.
  • And third, I belong in this team

C'mon, it's obvious! It's nothing but the ever renowned BLUE TEAM.

Just because I thought that uploading the raw video clip of our second performance would be not so presentable and catchy, I decided to incorporate a number of video effects. Believe me, that work was so tough. I had to do it all day long. Whew... I'm glad I made it.

Here's the fruit of my hard work!

Thanks to Mary Danielle Yu for the video clips.

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