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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Brit's "How I Met Your Mother" Appearance Finally on YouTube

Britney fans all over the world, this is a good news for you! The pieces of the March 24 episode of “How I Met Your Mother” is finally out and can be viewed on YouTube. Catch Britney Spears show her comedy acting ability for the second time.

In this episode, the pop princess plays as Abby, a receptionist who has a big crush on Ted (Josh Radnor) and…hey, I’m not gonna tell the whole thing to you. I think it’s better if you’re gonna see it through your own eyes, you know.

So you won’t waste time browsing on YouTube. I’ve already embedded the 5 streaming videos below. Just so you know, these doesn't show the complete episode, okay. These are just clips that showcase Britney's part in the show. At first, I never thought Britney would make me laugh. But, it seemed like she did. I was laughing most of the time watching these videos. Well, maybe I’m just too “Britney fanatic”.

Anyways, this show tells us that the pop princess whom we know is still the pop princess capable of rocking our world. I believe she’s gotten well. I hope she’s already set to fully return to music and be able to retain the respect she truly deserves.

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ABS Fairings said...

Let's see for how long she's able to keep their subjects loyal to her. Cool videos though!