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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Credit Cards for the "Sporties"

Are you a sports-inclined person? Do you feel like watching your favorite sport is a basic need of your very existence? Well, if you are and if you do, then why not consider getting a sports rewards credit card.

Two of my online friends, Mario and Benjamin, have this kind of credit cards and believe me; they certainly get lots of benefits out of it. Mario has a NASCAR RacePoints (SM) Platinum Plus Visa Credit Card and through it, he gets autographed merchandise and NASCAR VIP tickets. On the other hand, Benjamin, a baseball lover, gets gift cards through his Major League Baseball Extra Bases Credit Card.

Sports rewards credit cards enable you to get exclusive bonuses and rewards by using them for general purchases. As you do this, you continuously get points that you can redeem for online sports purchases and gift certificates. Cool, isn’t it?

Considering the benefits I can get from these kinds of plastics, I am currently planning to get one next week. I love playing and watching poker so, I’ll get a World Series of Poker Visa Card. I’m so looking forward to receiving gift cards and poker merchandise!

How about you? Are still going to sit there and do nothing? I’m pretty sure you just can’t get enough of sports. So, why not try having one. Get jealous about what I’ll be getting. :)

Live with sports to the fullest with sports rewards credit cards!

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ABS Fairings said...

I'd like to get one from my favorite basketball team. Lakers!!