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Sunday, March 23, 2008

P.E. lympics Videos Unleashed on YouTube

After spending a day of uploading, finally, the two videos of the recent P.E. lympics can already be viewed on YouTube. The first video entitled “The P.E. lympics...Binding Every Color As One” consists of candid photos taken during said event’s proper. On the other hand, the video “Tribute to the P.E. lympics Athletes (An Outro)” is obviously an “outro” and a tribute for the athletes (haha!). No, I mean, it is composed of snaps (not candid) of the SSPE4 students, the persons behind the successful P.E. lympics.

And if you’ll be asking who made these videos…well, I think you know the answer. Yours truly freaks! :)

By the way, allow me to thank Ner Bandoy for the pics.

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