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Saturday, June 7, 2008

When News Anchors Freak Out and Couldn’t Stop Laughing Pt. 2

June 1, 2008-June 7, 2008

I have been so hooked up with watching news-anchors-couldn’t-stop-laughing videos on YouTube lately. In fact, I’ve created a post about it under the feature “YouTube Videos of the Week” last week.

But as I reviewed that post earlier today, I noticed that the news anchors featured were all men. Well, that’s quite unfair for all my ladies out there, eh.

Because of that, I decided to have a part two of that post. But now, it’ll be featuring no one but female news anchors. Here it is!

Video #1: Here’s a video clip of The Daily Buzz news anchor Andrea Campbell laughing while Ron Corning reports about the Iraqi freedom. The reason why she laughed was unknown but I have a guess that it’s George W. Bush’ face (take a look at the TV screen beside Ron).

Video #2: This next video features the funny moments of a female weather forecaster of RTL Wetter, a weather report program airing in Germany. Her funny moments began when she started to laugh uncontrollably upon seeing the footage of his co-reporter rather than the weather map.

I wonder why she laughed that hard. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with her co-reporter’s face, excepting the fact that he’s like Prince Charles. :)

Video #3: Save the funniest for last! This last video is about a news anchor who “lost her mind” when she saw the reenactment of her report. Her report was about a man who was attacked by a huge python in South Africa.

This one’s really funny! I swear.


If you haven’t seen the first part of this post, click here.

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