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Saturday, June 21, 2008

VJ Czar World Announcement: Some Features Will Be Temporarily Suspended

I hate to do this but, I guess this seems to be the right way...

Starting today up to an uncertain time, I won't be making any usual updates on some (actually half) of the features of VJ Czar World. These features are the following:
  • Natural Wonder of the Week
  • Organism of the Week
  • YouTube Videos of the Week
  • Did You Know?
*Sigh*... Projects, assignments and appointments have been so many lately, and I don't think it's going to end sooner or later. Indeed, being a third year college student deprives you to do things you really like and love. I've got no choice but to change my long-established routine into something that focuses more on my studies. Duh, what a step to take to have a much "brighter future".

BTW, I might update those features if ever I have free time. Yet, having free time is way too impossible this time. Hehe.

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