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Monday, June 2, 2008

Cities: The Most Polluted, The Cleanest, The Greenest

May 25, 2008-May 31, 2008

This post is 2 days delayed...:)

Linfen (), a prefecture-level city in Shanxi province, China is asserted as the most polluted city in the world. This assertion was based on a study conducted by the Blacksmith Institute, an NYC based organization supporting pollution-related environmental projects. The said study states that Linfen’s atmosphere contains very large accumulations of coal dust and other particulates coming from automobile and industrial emissions. About 3,000,000 people are potentially affected by this pollution.

The world’s cleanest city, according to Mercer Human Resource Consulting, is Calgary. Found in the province of Alberta in Canada, Calgary was ranked #1 (among the other 215 candidate cities) based on the following criteria:

  • Quality and availability of hospital and medical supplies
  • Levels of air pollution and infectious diseases
  • Efficiency of waste removal and sewage systems
  • Water potability
  • Presence of harmful animals and insects

Reykjavík, the capital and largest city in Iceland is deemed as the world’s greenest city. It was chosen as such based on the impressive strides it has undertaken towards eco-friendliness and the aid it extended to millions of its residents to live better and have greener lives. Reykjavík was followed by the city of Portland in Oregon and the Brazilian city of Curitiba.

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Anonymous said...

Calgary is really the cleanest city- every time i go there the happens to be a huge smog cloud hovering over the city- but that is in the winter time i guess it is better in the summer

Canadian Golfer said...

Hard to believe there is a city worse than Beijing, its brutal. But I guess there would be others in China just as bad (I couldn't believe the smoke/smog when I was there in 2001).

Calgary is a fantastic city, tucked right next to the Rocky mountains as well.

email resumes said...

Love the pics. Especially the turtles.

city-of-hotels said...

Great research to my mind!
You'd better visit the City of hotels instead!

Monterosso said...

Gorgeous post!!! Totally informative and absorbing!!! There is something in!!!

Enviro Equipment Inc. said...

It's been over four years since the picture of Linfen was taken and I sure hope things have improved since then. My niece is supposed to start working there later this fall and I don't want her to die prematurely from a long disease.