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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Close Your Eyes and Pose

June 15, 2008-June 21, 2008


“Feeling the Ocean”


“Thin Lips + Big Mouth = Perfect Shot”


“Oprah’s Best”

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Poet Movie Blogger said...

Well, I guess just about everyone looks half retarded when they have their eyes close and mouth open :D

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Webkinz Secret Codes said...

Those pictures you chose are absolutely hilarious. The Oprah pic had me rolling.

Brian said...

Very funny pics :D Love the photos of celbs that make them look goofy :D

San Antonio Lawyer said...

Nice shots you got there! I guess every celebrity has their own "not-so-cute" angles off cam :O)

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Laughed a lot, especially about Cameron Diaz!

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Just amazing posts!=))))))
Made me laugh, thanks man!

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The one with MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY is absolutely hilarious.

Comosee said...

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Las Galletas said...

Bravo!!! Perfect writing!!!

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Those three are perfect ! Seems like Cameron Diaz is trolling something ... ;)