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Friday, June 6, 2008

Blog List: The Newly-Born Blogger Page Element

Yesterday, June 5, 2008, Blogger announces the release of "Blog List", the newest page element for Layouts blogs. Blog List is similar to the Links List page element in such a way that it is also made so you can put links to particular blogs and websites. However, the former is more interactive and improved because it uses blogs' RSS and Atom feeds to show update times, post titles and snippets.

Here are the summary provided by Blogger Buzz about the Blog List:
  • Link to blogs, web pages, and feeds from your blog’s sidebar, with an optional favicon
  • For pages with RSS and Atom feeds, Blog List can show last updated time, post title, and a snippet of the latest post
  • Sort links alphabetically or by last update time
  • Show all links, or hide some behind a “show all” link
  • Import subscriptions from Google Reader
  • Blog List links are visible to search engine crawlers, so your blog’s PageRank and reputation flow to those you link to

Disappointing Note: Earlier today, I tried using the Blog List page element to improve my blog's "Must Reads" section. The results were pretty impressive. BUT, I got disappointed and decided to remove it shortly when I encountered these annoying things:
  • It doesn't show the REAL icons of certain Blogger blogs. Instead, it displays the typical one (comparable to the image on the right).
  • Some URLs of blogs cannot be added. - This one really annoyed me!
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