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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Get Electrocuted

May 11, 2008-May 17, 2008

Sorry for this delayed post...

Last April 29, 2008 (which happened to be my 18th birthday), I created a blog post about a Brazilian correspondent who got electrocuted while reporting. It was entitled “Reporter & Electricity”. That post fortunately became one of my most “googled” and most read posts as of this week.

Because of that, I decided to make this follow-up blog post. But this time, I will be introducing not just one but three new electrocution-related video clips. This post, at the same time, is my very first entry under the feature “YouTube Videos of the Week”. Enjoy!

Video #1: Here’s a clip of William, a boy who voluntarily presented himself to try how it feels to get electrocuted using the Lightning Reaction Extreme toy.

Seeing this video makes me want to buy that kind of toy and let an amount of electricity run all over my body. Do you have one at home? May I borrow?

Video #2: This video shows the tragic experience of a California black bear that got electrocuted on top of an electric post. The bear seemed to have lost its way at that time and ended up wandering around a certain suburban community. The cops immediately came to the rescue; however, it had just caused the bear to panic.

Confused and scared at the same time, the bear, hoping to get away from the cops, decided to climb up on an electric post. When the bear was already on top, it accidentally touched a metallic part with flowing electricity. The bear got electrocuted for a couple of seconds but somehow, still managed to grip tightly and prevented its foreseeable fall.

After a few moments, the bear decided to go down. But shortly after the first move, its right leg unintentionally touched the transformer’s livewire, causing it to spark and electrically shock the bear. The bear fell to the ground and was immediately rescued by the cops.

In spite the fact that a huge amount of electricity had struck on the bear’s body, it still managed to survive and live a few more years.

Video #3: Now this one’s a bit funny! This video shows a referee getting electrocuted after attaching his earpiece to probably listen to some sort of music. However, it was very unfortunate for him for the waves that came out from the earpiece were not sound waves but electric waves!

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