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Saturday, May 10, 2008

VJ Czar World’s Alexa Rank: Up by 9 Million+ Spots

After plunging to rank 13 million something (I forgot the exact rank) for about a month, finally, VJ Czar World’s standing improves based upon the most recent updates of Alexa, a famous web traffic information provider.

VJ Czar World is up by more than 9 million spots, finishing at #4,029,493. Its one week visitor average is 0.000013% and for the past three months, 0.000016% of the global internet users cared to visit the site. Most these users are from the United States, Philippines and Israel. Its one week average traffic rank is 4,413,588. Moreover, its one week average page views per user is 3.3, and its three months average is 1.4. Though the numbers are not so high enough, it’s still a relief for me as a webmaster. At least, I can now see that my efforts are worthwhile.

The current VJ Czar World rank has surpassed the 5 million plus rank it got when it debuted on Alexa’s web traffic ranking. Yet, this is somehow not the highest rank VJ Czar World has ever reached. During early April of 2008, it reached as high as rank #2 million plus. I’m constantly doing the best that I can to retain that position or go beyond it.

Some of the actions that I carried out to achieve such results are the following:

  • Creating backlinks (incoming links to a website or web page) on other websites
  • Commenting on posts of other blogs with a link directing to my blog
  • Joining in to link exchange services such as Spottt
  • Inviting people to visit my blog
  • Joining in forums
  • Joining in several blog directories such as BlogCatalog and Technorati
  • Advertising my blog
  • Encouraging other bloggers to add my blog on their blog roll, and as an exchange, I’ll add their blogs to mine
  • Submitting my blog to various search engines

If you have a website or a blog and you want to know its Alexa rank, install the Alexa toolbar known as Sparky on your web browser. You can also check other websites’ rank through it. To download, click here.

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