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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lake Letas, Vanuatu

May 11, 2008-May 17, 2007

Lake Letas is the largest freshwater lake in the island nation of Vanuatu, and in the Pacific as well. Found at the crater of the volcanic island of Gaua, this U-shaped lake covers an area of about 19 square kilometers and obtains a depth of 350 meters. In addition, it has an elevation of 600 meters above sea level.

The greenish water of Lake Letas is not stagnant. It continuously flows over a waterfall (particularly, the Siri Waterfall) and cascades found on the eastern side of the lake. These natural overflows are connected to a three-kilometer short river leading to the sea.

Lake Letas has swampy vegetation. Certain types of flora such as the swamp palm thrive in the area. The lake then is home to various species of prawns, eels and fishes. Rare bird species such as the green palm lorikeet and the royal parrot finch also exist there. On the other hand, the small island within the lake is nationally recognized as a nesting site for waterfowl.

For the native populace of Gaua, Lake Letas is a cultural monument that hosts ancestral forms of wealth. It is kept and respected and still contains a number of traditional forbidden sites.

Lake Letas was submitted by the government of Vanuatu to become a candidate in the new list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

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