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Saturday, May 3, 2008

お誕生日おめでとう、VJ ザル![My 18th Birthday Blowout Pt. 1]

April 27, 2008—It was past six when I woke up; pretty earlier than my usual summer vacation rise from being dead to the world. Of course, I just needed to do it. Something special would be coming my way. My special moment.

I turned my PC monitor on and opened my Yahoo! Messenger account. It was a relief to know Iris was online. It clearly meant she’s still in her crib and, Arianne and Katrine (image on the right) were not in the venue yet. The two decided to stay there to prepare what must be prepared. They were the event organizers, by the way.

An hour later, I caught myself in the bathroom doing, obviously, THAT thing. It really takes forty to sixty minutes for me to feel clean and at ease. Anyway, who cares?

Shortly after taking a bath, I did the next usual and normal: clothing myself, brushing my (teeth) and others that you simply know. After that, I did the occasional: preparing what I need to bring and of course, preparing myself. It took three bags to fulfill them—a body bag, a camcorder bag and my personal favorite, a sando bag. Extra clothes and money were inside the body bag. The sando bag on the other hand, had a Tupperware® of suman (image on the left) in it. And the camcorder bag…well, I’d be feeling dumb if I’ll answer what’s inside of it.

Before leaving, I informed Iris (image on the right) that I’d be heading too soon. She replied stating she’d be doing the same as well. いってきます!(I’m off!)

About 8:20AM, I was already on the roadside waiting for an airconditioned van bound that would pass through Barrio Pampanga, Lanang. The waiting time usually takes ten to fifteen minutes. Yet during that time, the fifteenth minute had passed and still, I didn’t catch any public van passed by. Another ten minutes later, I’d reached my limit and ended up riding on a bus with a route different from where I was supposed to go. But at least, it’s airconditioned. No profuse sweating!

to be continued...

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