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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mount Matutum (Matutum Volcano), Philippines

May 4, 2008-May 10, 2008

Mount Matutum or Matutum Volcano is VJ Czar World’s very first Natural Wonder of the Week entry. It is found on Mindanao Island in southern Philippines; 15 kilometers north of Polomolok, South Cotabato and approximately 30 kilometers north-northwest of General Santos City. This volcano is the second highest on the island, just behind Mount Apo which is the Philippines’ highest peak.

Mount Matutum has an elevation of 2,286 meters or about 7,600 feet. It is a composite volcano for it is described as a tall, conical volcano consisting of layers of hardened lava, tephra and volcanic ash. It is one of the 22 active volcanoes in the Philippines, similar to Mount Mayon and Mount Pinatubo. Matutum’s last recorded eruption was on March 7, 1911.

It is currently a candidate for the new set of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Top 3 Mount Matutum Snapshots

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macpage said...

Nice photos of Mt. Matutum. I will be there in a few weeks. Did you climb it ?

Anonymous said...

Its very frustrating all you see are photos of the mountain from the distance...How about things you can see from within? For sure there are lots to see but I found no decent pictures to prove it.