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Friday, May 9, 2008

Black Suede Scandal a.k.a. Canister Scandal

May 4, 2008-May 10, 2008

Note: Parental Guidance is advised!

The YouTube Video of the Week for May 4 to May 10, 2008 is the above video. This video is popularly known as the “Black Suede Scandal” or the “Canister Scandal”, which became a major news item during the first quarter of 2008 in the Philippines. Don’t get struck about the title, okay. Though it contains quite sensitive contents, this isn’t another sex video.

The “Black Suede Scandal” shows the medical operation underwent by a 39-year old man at the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (image on the right) in Cebu, Philippines. The said operation involved the removal of a Black Suede body spray canister stuck within his rectum. Furthermore, it shows the unprofessional conduct of some Filipino nurses and doctors who, at that time, clearly violated the said patient’s right to privacy.

Do you wonder why such a thing (I’m referring to the Black Suede canister) got stuck into that man’s arse?

Let me tell you the story then.

It all took place last December 31, 2007 in Cebu. Drunk at that time, he (the man) decided to have one night stand with someone he barely knew. That someone was a guy. So, it goes to saying that he (the man) is homosexual or bisexual.

The guy offered him a hundred pesos as an exchange to do the act. The agreement was then settled and he eventually took the guy home. They had sex twice on that night. The first was typical. What I mean is, sex organs were used. However, on the second, the guy decided to insert something as a substitute to his manhood. That something was the Black Suede body spray canister (comparable to the image on the left). Before the insertion, he refused about it. But for he was too drunk, he fell asleep and didn’t notice the guy continued to do the nasty act.

The next day, he woke up and noticed that the guy already left the house. Not too long, he felt something extremely painful in his waist. The feeling of pain even worsened when he went to the restroom and urinated. He soon got frightened when he recalled the guy’s last words.

A day after, he determinedly went to his family to ask some help. He was brought to the hospital and had him x-rayed. The results tell that a certain foreign object was found in his rectum, paralleled to his spine. The doctors advised that operation must be done to remove that thing. And so, on the following day, the operation was carried out.

Before the operation, he complained that there were too many people roaming inside the operating room. He requested to get them out but, it was too late because the tranquilizer was already taking effect on his consciousness.

During the operation, aside from the doctor and nurses who administered, there was a bunch of people present—co-nurses, co-doctors, etc. Almost all of them seemed to enjoy the operation. Some of them talked noisily; some shouted and laughed in amazement. Moreover, there were some who took pictures and record the scene…And this includes those who were part of the operation. The footages that were taken soon became a video scandal with a different and unusual theme.

The “Canister Scandal” gradually leaked through cellphones and the internet. It had created a big buzz among those who’ve seen it.

He (the man) found out the existence of his rectal operation video spreading out two months later through a concerned citizen in his neighborhood.

The scandal reached the national media and became one of the major newsmakers of March and April 2008. It triggered the authorities to investigate the said malpractice, as well as those related to it. Additionally, because of it, the nation’s Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) came up to an idea of adding two subjects on BS Nursing. The two subjects are related to medical ethics.

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