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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Attention!!! VJ Czar World's On a Scheme

Hello, this is VJ Czar, the owner of this blog. I just want to announce to all of you that starting tomorrow, May 4, 2008, Sunday, my blog will be on a scheme. What I mean is that, I’ve made a schedule for the blog posts which I’m going to create during a certain period of time. You see, I’ve got a number of interests—music, celebrities, sciences, environment, videos, etc. It’s pretty normal for a human like me to love more than one aspect of life. Because of such things, I’m so bothered if I’ll be able to share these interests all at the same time. Apparently, I cannot. I’m only human, you know. Yet, I really can’t stand the thing of not imparting all of them to you.

So, in order to fix this problem, a scheme must be followed at once. And here it is!


  • Sunday - Japanese Language - Japanese Word of the Week
  • Monday - Music - Song of the Week
  • Tuesday - Environment - Natural Wonder of the Week
  • Wednesday - Celebrities - Funny Celeb Snaps of the Week
  • Thursday - Biology - Organism of the Week
  • Friday - Videos - YouTube Video of the Week
  • Saturday - General Knowledge - Did You Know?

Blog Post Categories Explained

Weekly Scheme

  • Japanese Word of the Week- I shall introduce a certain Japanese word and teach you how it is written in both Kana and Kanji characters. I shall also give you three sentences in which, that word is used.
  • Song of the Week- I shall be posting a song that had really touched my heart, affected my life or made me get out of my seat and go crazy. You can sing it for I’ll be including the song’s lyrics. The background of the song (eg. composers, singer, awards) will also be mentioned.
  • Natural Wonder of the Week- I shall be picking up a natural wonder of the world and introduce it to you. I shall mention its location, features, etc.
  • Funny Celeb Snaps of the Week- Recently, there has been a great number of paparazzi swarming on almost all of the hottest icons in the international showbiz and I admit; they really got snaps worth laughing for. You’ll see some of them here. Three funny snaps per week!
  • Organism of the Week- Here, I shall be posting a picture/s of a certain organism with its facts. The organism may be an animal, plant, fungus, protist or moneran.
  • YouTube Video of the Week- I once had a blog about YouTube videos. However, I shut it down because it seemed like I couldn’t handle two blogs at the same time. My interest about it still hasn’t faded. So, here it is!
  • Did You Know?- Find out the things possessing such a superlative attribute.

In spite the existence of this scheme, I’ll still be making posts that don’t cover the following interests. I may also create more posts on just a single interest. How’s that?

Well, I guess it only matters whether I’m in the mood or not. :)

Make sure to leave a comment, ok?

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lloydbelleza said...

kuyawa jud nimo czar uie.. inspiration jud ka sa ako.. in terms sa blogging. hehehe