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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Improved Feature: YouTube Videos of the Week

Hey, I just want to announce that one of the features of VJ Czar World entitled “YouTube Video of the Week” has just been altered to “YouTube Videos of the Week” (now, that’s with an “s”). The blog posts for this feature will still be published every Friday of the Week.

What’s the difference between the new feature and the old one?

Obviously, the major difference is that “YouTube Videos of the Week” will be featuring not just one, but more than one YouTube videos. The videos that are to be featured are based on a particular topic. For example, if the topic is all about me, then I’ll be embedding videos that star me and not Tom Cruise, whom is my not-so-handsome twin (haha!).

Every week, a new topic will be introduced. The maximum number of videos to be featured for a certain topic is three. How’s that? Brilliant, ain’t it?

The first set of “YouTube Videos of the Week” shall be posted immediately this week. So, check it out!

Make sure to leave a comment, ok?

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